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Various shapes and sizes – see attached file for details. POA.

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eWood is made in Australia from recycled toner cartridges, car parts and other plastics. Extruded in various thicknessesses and shapes eWood is a very adaptable and long life product. It usually comes in lengths of 2400mm but can be cut to chosen lengths. Testing in ground has already proven a life of 15 years and 30 years is the expected minimum life span. The product is a dark grey to black colour due to the reuse of toner from cartridges and it silvers over the years through in sun exposure to resemble aged, untreated hardwood. Working eWood is quite simple and any power tool can be used though variable speed machines should be on a slower speed. Typically uses include raised garden beds (see advertisement this page); compost bays; fencing; retaining walls; bins; planter boxes; etc.</p>
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<p>eWood is very durable and this makes it economical. Using softwood or hardwood in similar external situations will result in replacement in 10 – 15 years whereas eWood should last at least twice as long and possibly up to 50 years even in harsh sunlit positions. Accelerated testing in landfill type conditions suggests anything up to 500 years!</p>
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