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Nutri-Tech Solutions produce this valuable liquid fertiliser which contains – 8.18% Total Nitrogen (in 3 balanced forms – urea, organic and ammonium); Phosphorus (water soluble form) 8%; Potassium (in 4 balanced forms – phosphate, organic, hydroxide and silicate) 8.85%; Sulfur 1.09% and vitamins C,E and B and trace elements. Used in conjunction with NTS Trio (see above) alternated week by week as a foliar spray you will have most of the fertiliser needed for a healthy garden and this 500ml bottle will make 75 Litres once diluted with water.

NTS seeks to provide a bridge between the chemical methods of the past and the biological methods of the future in farming, horticulture and gardening.

SCRAP is the Sydney distributor of NTS products.

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