SCRAP White Paper Recycling Service


Price is per annum minimum service fee.

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SCRAP will provide the service for $33 per year with certain conditions. The service is only available across some areas of Sydney and the Blue Mountains. All paper must be clean and free of contamination including glossy paper and all non-paper items (staples are not included in the prohibited list). No plastic, metals, food, etc will be accepted. If loads are contaminated they will be charged at $16.50 per pick-up. SCRAP will provide recycling bags free of charge and the bags will be reused for their typical life (minimum of one year). Additional bags will be charged at the going rate. We encourage you to purchase floor boxes for collecting the white paper and supporting the bags. Labels will be provided for the boxes.
SCRAP will reuse the paper as worm food or sell it to recyclers to be made back into paper products at its own discretion.

Call SCRAP on 02 9825 1062 for further details.

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