Steinbeis Trend A4


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Product Description

Steinbeis Trend is an A4, 80 gsm, 100% recovered fibre paper (ie, virtually 100% post consumer recycled content) made in Germany. It has minimal oxygen bleaching, starch filling and is state of the art de-inked. As a result it has an off-white, creamy appearance which helps dyslexic people (around 20% of the population in fact) read black type under harsh light. Better still it is the first recycled paper in 20 years that SCRAP has been able to source which is really competitively priced. The mill has Blue Angel, Nordic Swan and Greenpeace accreditation for the paper so it comes highly recommended in every environmental aspect.

From SCRAP’s point of view it is a four star paper lacking only in the respect that it is transported from Europe to Australia by sea. That still puts it well ahead of most competitors from an environmental standpoint. Give your office, school or organisation a fresh new look with this smart cream paper and give the dyslexic among us a chance to read what you have to say.

Additional Information

Weight 2.5000 kg
Dimensions 30.0000 x 21.0000 x 7.0000 cm