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Nutri-Tech Solutions produces this Organic Seachange fertiliser for the keen home gardener who wishes to achieve the correct balance of fertility in the soil to enhance garden results. This one litre bottle will make up to 300L of liquid once diluted with water and sprayed onto plants. It contains total nitrogen (organic) of 2.82%, total phosphorus (water soluble form) of 0.36%, total potassium (organic) of 1.09%; Sulfur at 0.96%; calcium of 0.14% and Magnesium at 0.1%. It has kelp, fish, chelating agents, soil conditioners and growth promotants. It should be applied at planting and when plants need a pick-me-up or every month or so.

SCRAP is the Sydney distributor for NTS products. NTS are providing a bridge between the chemical farming of the past and the biological farming and gardening of the future.

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