Company Membership

As a non-profit company, SCRAP Ltd is owned by its members and run by a Board of Directors elected from the membership each year.

By becoming a Company Member you help SCRAP to meet its obligations to government and its charter (see below Memorandum and Articles of Association). Your liability to the company is limited to $2 in the event of wind-up and your annual fee is $11.

You are entitled to stand for the Board but there is no obligation to be involved in running the company. We do ask our members to be involved and we hope you wish to volunteer and/or support us in any way you can.

There are also some benefits for company members (see below for details).

If you would like to support us please complete the form below.  Thank you.

Company Membership

Your application will be referred to a Company Director who will contact you to confirm your details and introduce you to SCRAP Ltd (in a very friendly way).

Your application will proceed to a Directors Meeting. We will confirm with you the outcome and forward any additional information necessary.

Thank you for applying to become a Company Member of SCRAP Ltd.

To read the “Memorandum & Articles of Association” Click Here

To read the “Company Member Benefits” Click Here

By clicking yes below you agree to the following Terms and Conditions

I hereby apply to become a Company Member of SCRAP (School Communities Recycling All Paper) Ltd

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