LJW Partnership

LJW Partnership

LJW Solar

SCRAP has been working with Luke Williams (founder and proprietor) of LJW Solar for the past 18 years. Luke installed the solar system at SCRAP in 2001 and it has run here since then saving us an estimated $20,000 in that time. We have worked with Luke and his dedicated staff ever since installing solar power and solar pumps in schools, residences, churches, businesses, child care centres, etc. Service has always been excellent and follow up services affordable and relevant. Most important is the fact that quality equipment with excellent warranty is installed by fully qualified personnel and that is based on a proper assessment of your actual needs and situation including budget so your system is fully optimized.

So often we see systems that have been incorrectly assessed, designed and installed which fail to meet even the regulatory constraints and the customer ends up dissatisfied at many levels but may lack the expertise to understand the shortcomings.

Don’t let this happen to you! Contact us here at SCRAP and let us refer you on to LJW Solar for that extra care and concern that comes with their service (Peter 0400 982 516). If you prefer click on the link and go direct to the LJW Solar website to see the range of materials, services and deliverables they offer.

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