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(School Communities Recycling All Paper) Ltd

SCRAP is a non-profit company and exists to help schools, other educational, government, non-profit bodies as well as private individuals and companies become environmentally sustainable. We encourage you – whether you are a student, a teacher or a member of the wider community – to understand how to do this better.

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The SCRAP Centre was built in 2001 from a recycled army barracks at the rear of Holsworthy High School in south west Sydney (Liverpool area). The Centre models sustainability in all its features: solar powered, all water supplied from rainwater tanks on site (45KLs), grey water system and composting toilet (made of mudbricks), over 20 worm farms (around one million worms) and compost systems reducing organic waste to landfill by around 30 tonnes per annum and extensive gardens growing food crops and native plants to demonstrate biodiversity in action.