Nutri-tech Solutions Partnership

Nutri-tech Solutions Partnership

Nutri-tech Solutions

Nutri-Tech Solutions are a remarkable Queensland company which have invented and marketed a range of fertilisation solutions for agriculture, horticulture and the home gardener which move away from a chemical regime to one based on a biological approach.

As people come to understand that to have a healthy life we must consume healthy food it also becomes apparent that the soil the plants grow in (and animals graze upon) must also be healthy. For the past 3-4 generations we have moved away from the traditional agriculture (based on an organic approach) to one of bombarding the soil with chemicals. Initially this resulted in greater yield and was thought to be the answer but now we realise this all came at the expense of the soil and soon after at the expense of our food.

NTS is one company which works tirelessly to provide options for farmers (and gardeners) to transition from chemicals to biologically based fertilisers while maintaining yield.

Founder and proprietor, Graeme Sait, travels the world constantly (working on his approach) teaching and consulting people in over 40 countries to change for the planet’s sake and indeed all our sakes. His company provides expert agronomist advice direct to agriculture and his products are proven in the field, converting chemical use to biological materials that sustain the earth and gradually improve the microbiota instead of killing it.

SCRAP is a Distributor of NTS products and services in Sydney and you can use as a first port of call in your efforts to grow in a more sustainable way – call Peter on 0400 982 516. We can refer you on for further support to the right people in NTS or if you prefer click on the link here and go to their website directly.

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