Sustainable Living

  • Chania

    Students from Holsworthy High School hold up their beetroot crop grown at SCRAP Centre in 2012.

    SCRAP has worked with hundreds of schools and other organisations on Sustainability issues but … it all begins at home as they say and we have always been active with our host school – Holsworthy HS and never more so than recently with the creation of the Holsworthy Community Garden on disused land next to the SCRAP Centre and within the school grounds.

    Working with Year 8 & 9 students, SCRAP devised and delivered the Table to Table: Organic Living Skills program through collaboration with staff and P&C, funding from Liverpool City Council and other sponsors. The students learned as they built the garden and transformed the paddock with chickens, vegies, composts, worm farms, a pond and went from organic waste conversion to soil to harvest and good nutrition in  terms 3 & 4, 2018.

    We also became the first school in Australia to host a Reverse Vending Machine (Return & Earn scheme) for public use and SCRAP is the school’s agent helping us continue our 29 year record of promoting recycling and waste reduction in the community.

    Attached photo shows Costa Georgiadis launching the Community Garden with the participating students and the RVM in the background.

  • Chania
    Sustainable Schools Program

    SCRAP’s Sustainable Schools Program began in 2000 when a consortium of partners came together to offer the EcoSnapshot Day in which schools undertook 5 audits and surveys covering – Solid Waste, Energy, Water, Biodiversity and Materials Use and Management in one day resulting in a comprehensive benchmarking of their environmental performance and great hands-on education for students and their teachers. For more information please see the attached brochure.

  • Chania

    Australia is full of it but we’re losing it fast through destruction of habitat. We need to find that balance between using resources for our needs while maintaining the right of other species to exist. This is at the core of sustainable living and it is on a head on course with our modern system of take, take, take…

    See attached for our Biodiversity in Schools Manual (excerpt).

  • Chania

    The driest continent on Earth other than Antarctica should have its act together on water, don’t you agree?

    Well despite our obvious failures, in some ways,we do and KISSS (Kapillary Irrigation Sub-Surface System is one of those areas where we have wins. The system can save at least half the water needed for irrigation and SCRAP has worked with the company to install it in several school fields over the years.

    Another key way to win at water conservation is to have staff and students complete a Water Audit (service available through SCRAP) and to install water saving devices like rainwater tanks, toilet connections to tanks, grey water recovery, dual flush cisterns, reestricted flow taps and of course changing the mindset of people regarding water use.

    Photo – cleaning the pipes is part of the service when you book a tank clean from SCRAP Ltd.

  • Chania
    Solar Ventilation

    People spend a massive amount on air conditioning not only through installation but also ongoing in electricity costs.

    The Solar Star is an excellent piece of American technology which can virtually supplant A/C and once installed doesn’t cost a cent to run and lasts for years.

    Cost is around $1200 installed within eastern Australia (other than remote locations). Call Peter on 0400 982 516 for a free quote…

  • Chania

    Many skylights are rather disappointing once installed providing far less light than hoped for but the Solatube has technology that provides up to 99.7% of the natural light into the room below (even around bends in the pipe). The attached document shows the options. Reduce your lighting costs in the darker areas of your building(s) with Solatube and enjoy healthier natural light.

  • Chania
    Solar Power

    There are many options for renewable energy now available but for many households, businesses and even schools, etc the issue is reliability.

    Unfortunately (as we saw with home insulation) when the market opens up the cowboys ride into town. Lots of cheap (and nasty) deals abound.

    If you are considering switching to renewable forms of energy let SCRAP help. We work with the best in the business and we have found that over the years the best for solar power is LJW Solar (see our industry partner link on our Home Page).

    We can also advise and refer you for Heat Pumps and a variety of other smart energy options (see Solatube and SolarStar above).

    Photos- William Carey School 12Kw Solar system installed by LJW Solar in 2010. Main photo shows the staff offloading panels and the second photo is of the finished job.