40L Worm Casting Bags

40 litres of SCRAP’s prime worm casting added to a 2m2 garden bed (preferably mixed with reasonable quality top soil) will give your plants the boost they need to start producing nutritious, organic food for you. (Based on 10% minimum cast: 2m x 1m x 0.2m deep = 400L of soil to a generous growing depth).

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Managing Your Worm Farm

Managing Your Worm Farm There are many aspects to managing your worm farm but a few hints based on our practice and experience may help you: 1. Use a cover, we sell organic jute covers (which the worms love but eat through in around 3 months) and our new Longlife covers which will last for

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Compost worms

Compost worms are tireless in converting organic (food and garden) waste into worm castings (manure) which is a complete organic fertiliser for plants. Charles Darwin first demonstrated how worm castings rejuvenate and enrich the soil. His experiment with potatoes showed their roots growing directly towards the castings, searching for their fine balance of nutrients. There

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Organic Seeds and Plants

For over 25 years Eden Seeds has been providing non-hybrid, old traditional, open pollinated varieties of seed. None are genetically engineered, nor chemically treated and they are available as Certified Organic (Select) or regular (Eden). Many are supplied by growers who themselves purchase seed from Eden. SCRAP is merchandising only the Select Organic at this

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Worms and worm farming

Worms and worm farming are a passion at SCRAP because we can address key questions of waste reduction through our friends the “dolphin of the soil” as Darwin called them. Right at the centre of our wasteful society is the question of organic waste. No other society in human history has neglected it so shamefully

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