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SCRAP helps people and organisations to become more environmentally sustainable through a range of goods and services designed, developed and delivered for almost 31 years. We model what we advocate at our Centre at Holsworthy, NSW which is open to the public 7 days per week. Take your first steps (or improve your existing practices) towards Zero Waste (recycle your bottles, cans, etc at our Reverse Vending Machine and earn 10c per item); Composting and Worm Farming (bring your food waste to deposit at our Community Bokashi Compost); Water Conservation (see our extensive rainwater tank system; grey water and composting toilet systems); Renewable Energy (SCRAP is solar powered); Growing Your Own (see our organic gardens and Community Garden) and Green Purchasing (over 250 products and services for sale) with our help.


SCRAP works with the best industry professionals and most honest producers, manufacturers and traders it can find and adds its own unique range of skills in organic waste recovery, environmental auditing and consultancy to help you and your organisation(s) become environmentally friendly.

SCRAP (School Communities Recycling All Paper) began 31 years ago when three teachers (including current Director, John Burn and Peter Carroll our Company Secretary) decided they had seen enough paper thrown out with the garbage to last a lifetime. They approached the big paper recycling companies to organise a proper system for paper recycling in schools.

Starting with just eight schools in 1991, SCRAP grew quickly, reaching 100 schools within eighteen months. By 2003, SCRAP’s membership had reached around 1500 active, recycling educational bodies including schools, colleges, child care centres and universities and over 2000 other non-profit and government bodies and businesses. By then we had spread to the ACT and assisted the establishment of a SCRAP program in Qld.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?


Sustainable Gardening

Let us help you learn

Water Management

Is a very important step

Land Maintenance

Let us show you how to manage your land

Companion Planting

Plants like friends

We believe in the power of people to change the world

SCRAP has a wide range of goods and services available, ranging from worms and worm farms, waste reduction and recycling to environmental auditing, energy, water and biodiversity conservation and a range of other recycled/green and fair trade products.

We appreciate your support to keep SCRAP doing the good work we love to do.
SCRAP Ltd is a Federally registered DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) non-profit organisation – and Authorised to Fundraise in NSW (Registered Charity) see below. All our donations and fundraising goes to further our objects which you can find here Memorandum and Articles of Association.

We are working with schools and communities on a wide range of projects and programs

Over recent years we have innovated a number of times with our Fertile Grounds Program which aims to continue work done in drought proofing our fields by aerating, fertilising and using subsurface irrigation and water tanks to reduce demand for water while keeping the fields playable. As we enter more extreme drought (and La Nina rainy) periods there will be huge need for more sustainable land management if Australia is to continue educating its future generations about healthy sporting activity and caring for our environment.

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