Ncryptcellular Partnership

Ncryptcellular Partnership


SCRAP Ltd is partnering NCrypt Cellular as a Distributor of their encrypted mobile phones and other services. In this age of ultra fast and convenient services and equipment it is vital to remember that our privacy is at stake.

Authorities are constantly surveilling citizens and while you may say “I have nothing to hide” the point is: do you really want all your personal information to be the property of anyone who surveilles or hacks your devices? An encrypted mobile is one way to avoid your personal details becoming the property of others – including those who may be trying to steal your identity, obtain your financial details or worse.

The Right to Privacy is paramount and the need to protect your information is an essential element of communication in the digital present and future. Contact SCRAP Ltd for details and prices of the latest and arguably the best secure mobile phones and other protections available in Australia or contact NCrypt directly through their website here.

NCrypt Cellular describe themselves as “a fully owned and operated Australian company based in Sydney. We specialise in providing secure smartphone solutions to business and governments. Our solutions are tailored to provide the comfort of mind that your smartphone is protected against advanced hacking threats and that your communications stay private and confidential.”

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