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Our aim is to bring you up to date with SCRAP goings on and to comment occasionally on events in wider society, relevant to our overall brief of environmental education.

As noted on our Home Page, SCRAP has recently taken over S & J Worms and we are now busy caring for many thousands of worms and providing them around Australia to all manner of folk from the keenest worm farming students in schools, to green thumbed gardeners and fervent fishermen and women who use them as bait. While our real interest is in worm farming for waste reduction purposes and of course gardening, we will continue to supply all those who use worms.

SCRAP continues to work with Enviroplumbers and Solar Electricians in the vital work of turning around our infrastructure from old fashioned, polluting systems to alternative, sustainable systems including rainwater tank installations, Solar Photovoltaic Panels and many other related technologies which offer hope that dangerous climate change can be averted, despite the powerful lobbyists in the old guard of polluting industries. One of the key arguments missed in the climate change debate is that by changing as soon as possible to renewable systems will have massive benefits in reducing pollution. Whether you are persuaded by the climate change advocates or the skeptics it is a no-brainer to realise that cleaner air and cleaner water will benefit all of us. Less asthma, lower cancer rates and many other pollution-induced illnesses could be significantly reduced over time if we learn to halt our dependency on burning fossil fuels.
Eeco the Frog

Eeco – SCRAP’s mascot appeals for sanity and survival
What are the potential savings from such improvements to our health and has this been taken into account when we assess the costs of solar and wind power versus coal and oil?

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