SCRAP’s Lease

Effective from the 1st October, 2010 for a period of up to 10 years the Lease on the SCRAP Centre at Holsworthy HS has been signed off by our Chairman, Dave Bryant (Head Teacher TLSC Berkeley Vale) and Director, John Frew (Principal, Holsworthy HS).

The formal acceptance at today’s SCRAP Annual General Meeting will enable the finalisation of a lengthy process of negotiation with the NSW Department of Education. SCRAP’s Company Secretary, Peter Carroll said today, ” It is a proud moment for our non-profit company to be formally recognised for our environmental education work with schools for the past 20 years through this lease on NSW Department of Education land here at Holsworthy High School. We look forward with enthusiasm to continuing our work in the challenging times ahead as we come to grapple more seriously with the threat of climate change and the many impacts this will have in the education of the next generation.”

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