40L Worm Casting Bags

Worm Casting in 40L bags (enough for a 2m2 garden bed)

SCRAP produces worm casting on a week to week basis and for the serious user who wants the convenience of bagged (rather than bulk product – see SCRAP Bulk Worm Casting) cast we provide the 40L bag weighing around 30 kg.

Packed in polycarbonate bags which breathe, but leave in shade as they are not UV protected, though they are reusable. Return to SCRAP for a 5% discount (“container deposit”) on your next purchase.

Worm casting is renowned as nature’s way of crop/garden fertilisation. As Charles Darwin showed in his experiments 130 years ago, the root hairs of plants seek out and grow directly into any available worm cast which may be suspended as a colloid and osmotically absorbed into the plant through the root protoplasm.

For other amounts of worm casting see our Composting and Worm Farming category.

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