Towards Zero Waste – here is the key for schools. Save $ and educate!

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SCRAP designed and delivered this source separation bin nest system to a Sydney secondary school in 2011. It consists of two lids on a carcass which encloses two x 40L bins commonly used in schools. Instead of just causing waste this system can almost zero waste to landfill saving your organisation money in the process and ongoing. Each side of the bin nest is marked to accept organics (typically food waste but also paper/card packaging) and recyclables (typically everything else found in most school wastestreams within the playground). The cleaners carry two bags on their trolley when clearing the bins to suit the bin nest system. The organics can go to the school garden for composting/worm farming (see above for our category on these issues) and the packaging remaining can go to a Commingled Recycling system (many schools have this service available through contracts or councils). If paper recycling is also practiced inside then these two systems can realistically reduce waste to landfill by up to 90%. As long as everyone is educated to practice it.

Price is for new bin nests but a bulk deal will reduce the total cost by up to 20%.

See also Reusables below for second hand items.

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