Omega Massage Oil 500ml


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Pure Hemp Delight of North Qld grow and produce this excellent massage oil with lavender essential oil as aroma and for relaxation. This hemp oil is cold pressed and organic (not certified) and will enhance well being when used in massage due to its Omega essential fatty acids – 20% Omega 3 ALA; 1.7% Super Omega 3SDA; 53% Omega 6LA; 4.3% Super Omega 6GLA; 11% Omega 9 Oleic Acid and 10% other Saturated Fatty Acids. Hemp Seeds (from where the oil is derived) contain 24-35% high quality edestine protein (the most digestible of all proteins) with all 8 amino acids and they are in the correct ratios for humans.

Ensure your massage surface is covered with an old towel or sheet as any of the oil that lands on it will become resinous if allowed to dry. Wash clothes, etc, immediately after use if they have the oil on them.

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