School Solid Waste Audit


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Schools spend considerable funds on removing waste from their sites with most of it going to landfill. SCRAP originated paper recycling in most NSW/ACT schools in the early 1990’s cutting waste to landfill by around one third. What about the rest? By auditing your waste with SCRAP you will enable students and staff to better understand the entire waste stream and assess how it can be done better. Improve your current recycling efforts, implement change to move towards zero waste and save money over the medium to longer term. These funds can be redirected to support your sustainability education.

SCRAP will work with your selected staff and students (up to 25) for one day, providing the necessary equipment and auditing one day’s worth of school waste. The day includes briefing, auditing and debriefing; the results of the audit are interpreted by staff and students during the debriefing to generate suggestions for improvement to the school executive. For an additional $330 (including GST) SCRAP will use the results and our expertise to provide a written report complete with recommendations and a roadmap for achieiving them.

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