Kincumber PS KISSS using Recycled Sewerage Water

SCRAP is pleased to announce that we are nearing completion of another first –

at Kincumber PS on the NSW Central Coast we have installed KISSS (Kapillary Irrigation Sub-Surface System) into the school field using supply from Gosford Council’s recycling plant which converts sewerage water into recycled water. While recycled sewerage water has now been used for a number of years it will be the first time it has been used in such a way within a school.

The NSW Government’s Central Coast Water Fund has provided the money and SCRAP, working with its irrigation expert, Mark McCabe (H2O Irrigation) has installed the system to the school field, another grassed play area and with above ground pop-up sprinklers to the school’s extensive forest area. Additional plantings of natives including she-oaks and lilli pillis will enhance the grounds and provide noise reduction from the busy Avoca Drive at the front of the school.

SCRAP has also planned for a working model of the system which will be built by Mark McCabe in association with the KISSS inventors, IWT Pty Ltd. The model will be demonstrated at workshops at the school during the rest of this year and eventually become the property of Gosford Council for public display. It will help to promote understanding of the importance of recycled water use, its safety and capacity for helping us to drought proof our valuable sporting and recreational facilities both in schools and the community, especially when combined with the invaluable Australian invention, KISSS which saves between 30% and 70% of water compared to above ground irrigation systems.

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