Worms and worm farming

Worms and worm farming are a passion at SCRAP because we can address key questions of waste reduction through our friends the “dolphin of the soil” as Darwin called them. Right at the centre of our wasteful society is the question of organic waste. No other society in human history has neglected it so shamefully as our modern consumer society. A simple lesson for us all is that by sending 1kg of organic material to landfill we cause 2kg of CO2 gas to emit into the atmosphere.

Yet for centuries humans have known that this material must be returned to the soil to keep it fertile. Nature’s cycle of resource recovery is embodied in the worm; its energetic feeding on decomposing organics returns them directly to the roots of plants in exactly the form the plants need to feed. And in turn they continue to feed us. Nothing simpler and yet we need to completely re-learn this lesson to avoid poisoning ourselves any more with absurd landfilling of our kitchen and garden scraps. Together with composting, the solutions are right there waiting for us in worm farming. Take the plunge and re-learn with SCRAP the beauty of restoring our soils through our invertebrate and micro-organism friends.

Speaking of soils, SCRAP is proud to announce it is now a wholesaler of Nutri-Tech Solutions products and services. NTS is a very original Queensland company bringing the best science to agriculture, horticulture and gardening to change the way we do things, making them more sustainable, more environmentally friendly. Their unique approach lead by owner, Graeme Sait, is an aggregation of agronomy, chemistry, biology and common sense which is open-minded and practical. Over the past 20 years they have helped numerous farmers get away from chemical warfare on the soil (so-called farming) and produce better yields of more wholesome food, reducing their chemcial fertiliser bills at the same time. Now you can source both their home/school garden (Life Force range) fertilisers through SCRAP and we also provide some of their human health product range (see Green Buys – Health Products).

Please note that any worms shipped to Western Australia now incur a $56 Quarantine Inspection Fee which the customer must pay to the WA Govt to obtain the worms following the inspection. SCRAP Ltd regrets any inconvenience this causes.

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