Solar Power

There are many options for renewable energy now available but for many households, businesses and even schools, etc the issue is reliability. Unfortunately (as we saw with home insulation) when the market opens up the cowboys ride into town. Lots of cheap (and nasty) deals abound. If you are considering switching to renewable forms of

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Our Sustainable Schools
Holsworthy Community Garden

Students from Holsworthy HS create the first Vegie Bed at the HCG in 2018 SCRAP has worked with hundreds of schools and other organisations on Sustainability issues but … it all begins at home as they say and we have always been active with our host school – Holsworthy HS and never more so than

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Holsworthy Community Garden Unearthed

The gathering held on 24th February was able to weed and mat (cardboard layers) and mulch the rest of the Bush Tucker Garden – Harvest over 7 kgs of cucumbers, capsicum and tomatoes (see more photos below); harvest and turn 3 compost bays (the first full harvest of compost which will be used by the

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Holsworthy Community Garden – Dig it!

Our gathering on 9th February started early with harvesting, turning the compost, mulching and weeding with around 14 people attending. A total of around 25kg of food was harvested with most going to participants and some to the High school canteen. Photos by Kath Hope & Peter Carroll capture some of the activities and produce.

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40L Worm Casting Bags

40 litres of SCRAP’s prime worm casting added to a 2m2 garden bed (preferably mixed with reasonable quality top soil) will give your plants the boost they need to start producing nutritious, organic food for you. (Based on 10% minimum cast: 2m x 1m x 0.2m deep = 400L of soil to a generous growing depth).

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