SCRAPLog December 2010 – Scrap Tax

With the NSW state government moving towards a scrap tax for those of us who continue to send organics (especially food) to landfill we are moved to remind people of two solutions which could help solve this seemingly intractable problem while offering them free organic materials with which to grow some of their own food.

Worm farming and composting are the solutions and local, small scale action is best. Why? Because it means the materials are dealt with onsite at your home, school or workplace and the products (worm liquid, worm castings and compost itself) can be utilised immediately and constantly to fertilise your own foods.

How much space do you need? A family of four can worm farm most of its own fruit and vegie scraps in less than half a cubic metre or triple that space if you compost as well. Each week you will be producing around 2 litres of diluted worm juice; enough for a small backyard vegie plot of around 4 square metres which can supplement your food source up to 50% (with seasonal variability).

Every 3 months or so, once it is up and rolling (around 9 months from start up) you can be harvesting the bottom feeding tray for up to 20 litres of worm casting and baby worms for the garden to kick start the next season’s crop.

How much? SCRAP’s special on the three tiered Worm Cafe from Reln with 2000 of our best compost worms, a jute cover (for moisture and darkness) and a bag of dolomite to keep the farm moist will set you back just $140 (+ postage). See our Green Buys Catalogue to order.